Monday, April 12, 2010

Zoan vs Hive guard...getting ready for Ard boy'z

Hey hey guys...

Im looking at my nids book, and im torn. I dont know what to do!
Hive Guard or Zoans.

This is for a competitive list, and at high point costs (aka Ard boy'z)...So should I run 3 squads of 3 Hive guard, and be able to break the heck out of rhinos, and stun bigger things like vidicators and landraiders? or should i run 3 squads of 3 zoans in pods to deal with all comers. OR should i run 2 of one, and 1 of the other?

Cons with zoans
The only problem i have with the zoans atm are when dropping them in pods, that squad is now 2 kill points...(all of whom can be insta killed, and with melta spam being a favorite now a days it kinda worries me{or a well place power fist blow to the face}) Also =I= hoods will stop 50% or MORE of my zoans warp lances.

Pros with zoans
Anit landraider/AV 13/other such scary things...and pretty solid anti power armor blast str 5 ap3.

Cons with hive guard
not a great chance of getting damage on AV 13 or AV 14 (but honestly as long as they arnt moving or shooting im happy with the roll of a 1,2,3,4...but on glancing tables im less likely to get the 3's and 4's) lack of anti Monsters creatures, or infantry.

Pros with hive guard
shutting down intervening terrain, T6 and 3 wounds(?) 1 kill point, better chance of breaking rhinos and things like them (which are spammed now). lower point cost (even more so being as i drop my zoans every game)

So based on my feelings im still torn...what do you guys think? Zoans or Hive guard?

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  1. i say zoans because they are more versitile and they can deal with troops